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Open Mic Webcast: IBM Domino Application Development Update

This presentation will focus on IBM's plans for the future of Domino as an application development platform. We will discuss IBM's plans for adding key functionality to Domino as well as ways to allow customers to modernize their applications for use via web and mobile devices. This presentation is key for anybody who uses Domino as an application development platform and is interested in modernizing their applications.

After a presentation, attendees will be given an opportunity to ask our panel of experts questions. Throughout the event, attendees will also be encouraged to comment or ask questions in the WebEx Meeting chat. Follow us on Twitter @IBM_ICSsupport.

** IMPORTANT NOTE** Please note the start time is 10 AM EDT (1 hour earlier than the usual 11 AM EDT start time for Open Mics)

Topic: IBM Domino Application Development Update
Date: Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Time: 10:00 AM EDT (15:00 UTC/GMT, UTC-4 hours) for 60 minutes

Web conference
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IBM Sametime V9.0.1 extends support for services, tools, and selected entitlements

Today IBM announced the extension of support for IBM Sametime V9.0.1 until September 2021.

IBM® Sametime® extends support for V9.0.1 to September 2021. Support for the following associated entitlements is also extended to September 2021:

IBM Sametime Complete
IBM Sametime Conference
IBM Sametime Communicate

IBM Sametime is a robust communications offering designed to accelerate your social business by driving faster decisions, with more complete information powered by the business experts in your organization. The suite of tools in Sametime helps unlock the value in your underutilized communications systems by integrating them into a more intuitive system. Sametime tools and services can be accessed from within the applications and business processes that you use every day.

Support for Sametime V9.0.1 is extended to September 2021.

IBM Sametime V9.0.1 featur…

IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 available

Today IBM release the announced Feature Pack 8 with a lot of great new features:

first of all there´s a separate download for the template of the Domino NAB and the Mail template on IBM Fix Central: Template Download

Move views out of databases

You can move views out of databases into separate view index files (.NDX files). This feature is useful for large databases and provides the following benefits:
> A smaller database file size, to avoid reaching the 64GB limitation.
> Faster database backup and restore.
> Better performance by allowing concurrent access to database and views.

For more information, see the following link:

Increase the document summary data limit to 16 MB

You can increase the document summary data limit on Notes® 9 databases. Summary data is data in non-rich-text fields, number fields, and date-time fields.

Previously the combined size of all summary da…