Connections 5.5 - Rich Text Widget in Communities and "wasadmin"

Today I had the issue, that after adding a "RT Widget" to my community, the page reloaded multiple times and I was not able to customize the widget - except as "wasadmin".

In the SystemOut.log of the RTECluster, I found the following error message:

[25.01.16 08:53:13:066 CET] 00000120 ConnectContro W oauth2Callback Exception while handling OAuth2 callback (I/O error on POST request for "":Server returned wrong cipher suite for session; nested exception is Server returned wrong cipher suite for session). Redirecting to IBMConnections connection status page.
[25.01.16 08:53:13:113 CET] 00000121 CommunityAppL E retrieveAppDataLibrary CLFWY####E: Unexpected technical exception occured, please contact your Administrator, more details in Application Server logs.
                                 org.springframework.web.client.HttpClientErrorException: 401 Unauthorized

Some investigations later ( and with great help from stoeps - a well-deserved IBM Champion ) and after switching the IBM Connections environment from "wasadmin" to a LDAP user, the RichText Widget was working as designed.

If you run into the same issue ( and I swear, not to use wasadmin for CNX implementations anymore ), customize the following environment settings in your ISC:

>> LDAP user MUST have the same roles as WASADMIN
>> Add the LDAP user to the ConnectionsBUS ( in my case it was "RABR" )

>> Delete the content of the messageStores ( nor sure, if it´s necessary )
>> Restart CNX environment



  1. Hi, Clearing the messsageStores is necessary. Otherwise the status updates may stop working.

  2. Hi..
    I have a LDAP user as a connections admin and i am still facing the similar error.
    Any tips

  3. Hi Peer, did you set the reader role in the RTE app to "everyone" ( not "All Authenticated" ) ?

  4. I have got the same error on a 4.5 --> 5.5 migration 2 days after go live. I used an LDAP admin from the beginning as opposed to wasadmin and the RTE is set reader = everyone. I have a restart planned and may clear the buses during the same outage window.

  5. Hmm, I use a local wasadmin, and I had this issue. I tried this solution first:
    But it dit not help. I tried the same thing + deleted the messagestores. Same result, the RT widget loops the community page still.
    But then I discovered that theres is a JAAS Auth called "rteJAASAuth". This one did not have a username and password set. So I inserted my wasadmin credentials there, stopped the servers, deleted the messagestores, synced the nodes, started the servers again, and voila.... No loops in the community where the RT widget is enabled.

  6. Hi,
    we have the same issue but are a bit confused about the use of the LDAP user... is that the user connecting to the LDAP repository?


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