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IBM Verse on premise is available in the SW catalog

As promised from IBM some weeks ago, IBM Verse on prem is available in the Partnerworld Software Catalog ( ).

Then you can either search for "IBM Verse" or you search for part number CJ13YML.

Enjoy the download !!

IBM Notes SAML authentication and the error message "Single Sign-On token is expired"

Today I received an early call from a customer with the information, that no user can login to IBM Notes with the activated SAML authentication.

The users received the following error message:

( Single Sign-On token is expired )

After some investigations and looking at the server console something made me perplex >>

[10779:00296-591341312] 05.12.2016 15:30:16   ATTEMPT TO ACCESS SERVER by .... was denied: Single Sign-On token is expired

Looking at the clock I noticed, that it´s Monday - 07:30AM !!!

After a phone call with the customer the problem was solved very quick:

an update on the VMware ESXi hosts switched all servers running on this ESXi host to get their local server time from the ESXi host and not from the NTP server !!

After manually changing the time to the correct NTP host, Notes NFL was working again without any problems.

So be aware of the time settings when using SAML authentication in IBM Notes !!

Transferring an IBM xPages application to another server

Yesterday I had the issue to move an application with embedded xPages and JDBC access to a DB2 database located on an iSeries from one IBM Domino Server to another one.

The transfer was not the problem, but we could not find all necessary extension libraries ( except the one from OpenNTF ), especially the JDBC feature.

After some tries I recognized this feature in the "updatesite.nsf":

With this option you can also move all features and plugins from another server to the new one including all settings, etc and you don´t have to look for the needed extensions.

This is a great feature for administrators - Thanks to IBM

IBM Connections "Limited Entitlement" and the Notification Center

Last week I installed an IBM Connections Limited Entitlement environment for IBM Verse and recognized the problem of the Notification center after disabling the Homepage app.

You only will receive "Loading..." on activating the  Notification Center.

I had a small talk with a great friend from IBM ( thanks to Wickerl ) and he told me, that he has opened a PMR at IBM regarding this problem.

I will update this post, if a solution is available

IBM forces SSL for Notes Traveler and IBM Verse connections ( thanks a lot )

There's an article from IBM regarding connections from IBM Notes Traveler and IBM Verse clients to the corresponding server:

Beginning with January 1st, 2017, you HAVE TO use a secure connection via an official SSL certificate.

To be honest >> if someone still uses self-signed certificates, it's a shame ;-).

In the coming months, IBM will be enhancing the IBM Verse for iOS, IBM Verse for Android, IBM Notes Traveler Companion and IBM Notes Traveler To Do mobile apps to require that a secure connection is used between the mobile app and the endpoint used for connecting to the IBM Traveler server.

This article provides the security requirements and step by step instructions for ensuring that your on-premises IBM Traveler environment has adequate connection security in place in order to support these updated apps. If your mobile users connect to IBM SmartCloud Notes for Traveler and the Verse Mobile service, these steps do not apply, since this environment is already pr…

IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1 extends support and enhances its collaboration toolset with social capabilities from IBM Connections V5.5

As announced in this letter the support for IBM Domino, IBM Notes, Notes Traveler and IBM Enterprise Integrator version 9 has been extended to September 2021.

Included in those packages, also support for 

IBM Sametime® V9.0 Limited Use
IBM Domino Designer V9.0.1
IBM Mobile Connect V6.1.5
IBM Domino Global Workbench V9.0.1
are included.

Further there are enhancements regarding the social features with IBM Connections V5.5:

New social features

IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1 now includes social capabilities from IBM Connections V5.5. IBM Connections enhances the social toolset of IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1, enabling you to quickly locate the people and content you need through integrated access to your collaboration applications.

The IBM Connections V5.5 entitlement included with the licenses in the following list enables IBM Notes and Domino customers to deploy and access the Files and Profiles features of IBM Connections through all clients, browsers, and mobile devices, at no additional charge:



In this Technote IBM warns using "compact -replica" during online mode !!

Compact -Replica lose document data if user modify the document
during compaction.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Prepare discussion database

2. add about 10 documents with attachment (attachment size is about 1MB - 4MB). In my test. doc # is 10 and db size is 53MB.

3. Keep the database open by Notes client and perform "load compact -replica xxx.nsf".

4. If you see the following console output, Update any document's title right away.
>drop xxx.nsf

5. Compact -replica fails with the following error.
> Error compacting disc.nsf,  -replica disc.nsf: Database is
currently in use by you or another user

6. Add a document and add any attachment.

7. Close the database.

Repl file is remains. nsf file is bigger than repl file because
I add a document with a big attachment.

8 Open the database again by Notes client. In Domino Server, it will start compact -replica -restart will perform automatically. However it will …

IBM MaaS360 launches four new suites


IBM® MaaS360® (SaaS) delivers a secure, cloud-based enterprise mobility management platform that provides complete mobility management and comprehensive security of mobile devices, apps, documents, emails, and access to the web from a single portal.

MaaS360 (SaaS) extends across devices, users, applications, documents, and expenses. MaaS360 (SaaS) solutions are available on a secure, multitenant architecture, and offer immediate insight and control without the added costs and complexities of deploying hardware and software, dealing with intricate configurations, and dedicating resources to create and support the solution on an ongoing basis.

MaaS360 (Saas) launches four new suites including:

    IBM MaaS360 Essentials Suite (SaaS)
    IBM MaaS360 Deluxe Suite (SaaS)
    IBM MaaS360 Premier Suite (SaaS)
    IBM MaaS360 Enterprise Suite (SaaS)


IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook, V2.0 expands mail client options for IBM Notes and IBM Domino

IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook enables you to connect a Microsoft Outlook client to a Domino V9.0.1 Server. As a Domino V9.0.1 user, you can download IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook at no charge from Passport Advantage®.

IBM mail support for Microsoft Outlook, V2.0:
Supports a "bring your own client" model. Preserves the value of business-critical applications, while having the option to choose an email client that works best for you.Leverages strength of the Domino back end. Enables you to connect a Microsoft Outlook 2013 client to a Domino V9.0.1 Server and gain all of the advantages of Domino.
Provides social integration capabilities. Provides the capability to utilize the "free" plug-ins for exposing the IBM Connections™ Files and Profiles services natively within the Outlook client experience.
Provides capability to use the native mobile applications for Mail, C&S and Contacts (Verse Mobile) and the social content (Connections Mobile).
System req…

IBM Connections Docs 2.0 iFix 004 available

IBM released a new iFix for IBM Connections Docs 2.0 including the following fix:

Resolution of several issues with supporting OAuth2 security configuration in the context of integration via REST APIs 
Interesting part is, that all fixes from iFix001 and iFix003 are included. But the corrections from iFix002 have to be separately installed.

The fix is available on IBM Fix Central.

Trouble with Files application on IBM Connections 5.5

Today I received an error message from a customer, that some users haven´t been able to launch the Files application.

I took a look in the SystemOut.log of the FileServer ( IBM CNX Large Deployment ) and saw the following error message / warning:

LTPAServerObj W   SECJ0371W: Validation of the LTPA token failed because the token expired with the following info: Token expiration Date: Mon Apr 18 18:12:00 CEST 2016, current Date: Mon Apr 18 22:59:53 CEST 2016 Token attributes:  port=8897, username=user:defaultWIMFileBasedRealm/CN=First Name,OU=USR,O=Company,C=AT, This warning might indicate expected behavior. Please refer to technote at

In the TechNote of IBM there´s an important information regarding this error:

Most SECJ0371W messages on WEB Inbound connections are harmless. The majority of these messages are logged as a result of an expired LTPAToken which are cached in browsers.

So I asked the co…

Open Mic Webcast: IBM Verse Offline

IBM is inviting to an Open Mic Webcast regarding to the new IBM Verse Offline feature.

Verse Offline is a new feature within IBM Verse that syncs the last seven days of email in all folders, seven days of preceding calendar events, and 30 days of future events. This session will detail this new feature and how to make the most of it.

Topic: IBM Verse Offline
Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Time: 11:00 AM EDT (15:00 UTC/GMT, UTC-4 hours) for 60 minutes

Further informations ( like the presentation, an ICS file and dial-in numbers ) can be found here.

IBM Connections Mail Plug-In for CNX 5.5 available

Today IBM released the CNX Mail-Plugin 1.7 for Connections 5.5 on Greenhouse

Important Notes:

    IBM Connections 5.5 customers using the IBM Connections Mail Plug-in must install this version. Prior releases of the IBM Connections Mail Plug In are not supported on IBM Connections 5.5
    IBM Connections 5.0 customers should use this version of IBM Connections Mail: IBM Connections Mail Plug-in (for IBM Connections 5.0)
    IBM Connections 4.5 customers should use this version of IBM Connections Mail: IBM Connections Mail (for IBM Connections 4.5)
    IBM Connections 4.0 customers should use this version of IBM Connections Mail: IBM Connections Mail (for IBM Connections 4.0)

Connections 5.5 - Rich Text Widget in Communities and "wasadmin"

Today I had the issue, that after adding a "RT Widget" to my community, the page reloaded multiple times and I was not able to customize the widget - except as "wasadmin".

In the SystemOut.log of the RTECluster, I found the following error message:

[25.01.16 08:53:13:066 CET] 00000120 ConnectContro W oauth2Callback Exception while handling OAuth2 callback (I/O error on POST request for "":Server returned wrong cipher suite for session; nested exception is Server returned wrong cipher suite for session). Redirecting to IBMConnections connection status page.
[25.01.16 08:53:13:113 CET] 00000121 CommunityAppL E retrieveAppDataLibrary CLFWY####E: Unexpected technical exception occured, please contact your Administrator, more details in…

New IBM Connections Plug-Ins available in the IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog

On January 20th, new versions of the CNX Desktop Plug-In have been published in the IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog.

The new version for MS Windows includes the following new features:
Enhancements to Nested Folders (Windows Explorer) CCM enhancements (including updates to the folder properties' dialog)
A complete list of features can be found on the download page.

There´s also a new Plug-Ins for Mac and MS Outlook.

Webinar "Ask the Experts: Using NotesPeek to Troubleshoot Notes/Domino Issues"

NotesPeek is a great tool for debugging database and document issues. We'll have a short demo on Troubleshooting a Notes/Domino Policy issue, then have a panel of experts on hand to answer any questions about it.

Throughout the event, attendees will also be encouraged to comment or ask questions in the IBM Connections Meetings Web chat. Join us for this interactive, educational, lively session.

Topic: Ask the Experts: Using NotesPeek to Troubleshoot Notes/Domino Issues
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Time: 11:00 AM EST for 60 minutes
Webcast URL:
Webcast Password:  webcast

For a list of world-wide phone numbers, the phone passcode, and an iCalendar (.ics) file for this session, click here:

Note: Audiocast will not be available for this session. An audio replay of the session will be posted to Technote 7047204 soon after the event.

Recommending use of Firefox 38 ESR with IBM Notes Browser Plug-in

Regarding to this IBM Flash the IBM Notes Browser Plugin becomes disabled when using FF 43, because it´s not verified by Mozilla.


With Mozilla Firefox 43, IBM Notes Browser Plug-in becomes disabled, as it's not verified by Mozilla.


Firefox 43 contains changes to disable any add-on which is not signed and verified by Mozilla.  Due to this, if you have installed the IBM Notes Browser Plug-in, and upgraded to Firefox 43, the add-on will become disabled. Once this happens, you will no longer be able to open Notes content inside Firefox.
As we work with Mozilla in resolving this, we would strongly recommend that you use the ESR version of Firefox, the latest of which is Version 38.5.2 ESR.

The ESR release does not have the add-on signing enforced for now, and may not have it until Firefox ESR 45, as mentioned in

This issue has been raised with Mozilla and we will update this note once the issue is resolved.

Bug 1231849 - Exte…