IBM Notes Traveler is syncing only one time

During this week we found a strange issue regarding a Traveler sync. This would especially be for german speaking colleagues:

If the name of a mail database contains special characters like "ä", "ö", "ü" or "ß", you will be able
to do a primesync with your device, but we saw, that no more changes or new mails will be synched to the device.

Our solution:
- Create a replica of the mail database without a special character
- Stop the router task
- Modify the person document
- Modify the settings in the location document of the Notes Client
- Start the router task
- Do a "te traveler security delete device-id username" on the Notes Traveler Server
- Reconfigure the Traveler Client on the device
- Ready

After those steps all synchronisation tasks were working fine. This should be fixed in Traveler 8.5.2, but happened this week with


  1. nstead of renaming the Notes Database, changing the person document and forcing a resync the easiest way is to set this notes.ini setting: NTS_MIN_BUILD_NUM_CHANGED_DB=1000

    That will fix the issue in general.

    Details can be found here:

  2. Hi Detlev, thanks a lot for this additional information !!!

  3. That was an interesting problem I had in the past. So is this a regression?


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