Domino ODS conversion with program document

Yesterday I had to upgrade mail databases to the latest ODS without using DBMT ( which does this challenge per default ), because DBMT has not to be used in the customers environment. Don´t ask me, why...

To speed up the conversion and to be sure, that the database can be compacted "copy-style", I created multiple text files (ods_conversion_1.txt, ods_conversion_2.txt, .. .) with the following entries:

   drop mail\maildb1.nsf
   lo compact mail\maildb1.nsf -ODS
   drop mail\maildb2.nsf
   lo compact mail\maildb2.nsf -ODS

Afterwards I created program documents to run multiple conversion tasks simultaneously:

With this way all databases have been converted to ODS 52 and it could be planned very easy.


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