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Open Mic Webcast for 'Integrate IBM Connections Profiles with Tivoli Directory Integrator'

This session will provide a brief introduction to Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI) and its use in Connections. It will also touch upon the TDI Config Editor and its usage.

A walk thru on how to populate the Profiles DB using the population wizard and the various files involved, will be provided. Some simple troubleshooting tips will be discussed highlighting external collaboration.
After the presentation, attendees will be given an opportunity to ask questions to our panel of experts. Throughout the event, attendees will also be encouraged to comment or ask questions in the IBM Connections Meetings Web chat. Join us for this interactive, educational, lively session.

Further informations like ICS file, international dial-in numbers, ... can be found here:

Domino ODS conversion with program document

Yesterday I had to upgrade mail databases to the latest ODS without using DBMT ( which does this challenge per default ), because DBMT has not to be used in the customers environment. Don´t ask me, why...

To speed up the conversion and to be sure, that the database can be compacted "copy-style", I created multiple text files (ods_conversion_1.txt, ods_conversion_2.txt, .. .) with the following entries:

   drop mail\maildb1.nsf
   lo compact mail\maildb1.nsf -ODS
   drop mail\maildb2.nsf
   lo compact mail\maildb2.nsf -ODS

Afterwards I created program documents to run multiple conversion tasks simultaneously:

With this way all databases have been converted to ODS 52 and it could be planned very easy.

Adding owner to an IBM Connections Activity

I had the issue, that a user on a customer´s site left the company and his activities had to be switched to another user due to inactivation of this user. A great help was the IBM CNX Wiki.

Here are the steps I did and they worked fine for me:

Access the Activities environment via the WSADMIN platform

Change to the "bin" directory of your Deployment Manager and execute the following statements:

wsadmin -lang jython -user wasadmin -password Passw0rd -port 8879

Get the ID of the activity

[{createdBy=Rainer Brandl, name=Demo_Transfer, activityId=7eee84c2-080e-44b0-b7ec-27d51e52cbd3, modifiedBy=Rainer Brandl, isCompleted=false, flags=0, modifiedDate=09. November 2015 07:45:55 CET, isTemplate=false, isDeleted=false, isInternal
=true, createdDate=09. November 2015 07:45:55 CET},.....

In this list you only have to check the name of the activity and the field "activityId" and put this ID into a var…

IBM Notes Traveler is syncing only one time

During this week we found a strange issue regarding a Traveler sync. This would especially be for german speaking colleagues:

If the name of a mail database contains special characters like "ä", "ö", "ü" or "ß", you will be able
to do a primesync with your device, but we saw, that no more changes or new mails will be synched to the device.

Our solution:
- Create a replica of the mail database without a special character
- Stop the router task
- Modify the person document
- Modify the settings in the location document of the Notes Client
- Start the router task
- Do a "te traveler security delete device-id username" on the Notes Traveler Server
- Reconfigure the Traveler Client on the device
- Ready

After those steps all synchronisation tasks were working fine. This should be fixed in Traveler 8.5.2, but happened this week with

Open Mic Webcast: Keeping your IBM Domino Servers Secure with SSL

IBM is holding a webcast regarding SSL security for IBM Domino servers:

This Open Mic presentation aims to keep the audience informed about SSL configurations and the latest security concerns on Domino.
Throughout the event, attendees will also be encouraged to comment or ask questions in the IBM Connections Meetings Web chat.

Topic: Keeping your IBM Domino Servers Secure using SSL Date: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 Time: 11:00 AM EST (16:00 UTC/GMT, UTC-5 hours) for 60 minutes
Join the IBM Connections Meeting to view a slide presentation and participate in group web chat:

Web conference password: webcast

Phone conference
Participant passcode: 2675474

Further informations regarding international call-in numbers and an ICS file for importing this event in your personal calendar can be found here