IBM Connections mobile app V5.0 for Android and iOS

On December 31st IBM released the new version 5.0 of the mobile app for IBM Connections for Android and iOS including the following fixes:


LO80818 - Change the label Work to Work phone.
LO82462 - No entries shown in library.
LO82500 - The app crashes after concurrent deletion requests.
LO82859 - Uploading an image fails.
LO82916 - Can update a Profile picture even though AllowEditProfile is set to false.
LO82947 - Wiki_links do not work.


LO80818 - Change the label Work to Work phone.
LO82228 - Some labels are displayed in Iberian Portuguese instead of Brazilian Portuguese.
LO82462 - No entries shown in library.
LO82766 - Opening a file locks the iPad.
LO82848 - Save to Contacts does not work properly.
LO82857 - Uploading an image fails.
LO82923 - The InactivityTimeout does not work if you set it for 30 minutes or longer.
LO82947 - Navigation issue with Communities.
LO83001 - The app crashes when the configuration is saved.
LO83126 - Details of the selected Wiki are not loaded.


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