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What new features are coming in IBM Connections 5

IBM announced the new release of IBM Connections 5 for June 2014 including some new features like:

External Collaboration

External users will only see content shared with them and only the people associated with that content. Administrators can see who is external and manage or invite them. External communities are explicitly flagged.  External members cannot be a community owner.  External users can see business cards but not profiles. External users can search but will not see public data returned nor can they see the company directory. External users are always flagged somehow in the view (name or icon). External files are also flagged in the community. 

Deployment: You edit LotusConnections-config.xml to enable "visitorModelEnabled" to True. You then restart the server.  Enable Waltz Profiles Integration (WPI) to make sure profiles_directory_service_extension_enabled is enabled in LotusConnections-config.xml 

Disable Anonymous Access for the Connections Instance 
Register ext…

Custom Name TypeAhead using IBM Connections

Source:IBM Digital Experience Wiki

IntroductionConnections has an inbuilt support for name typeahead, which is very limited and available within connections for some specific inbuilt controls. If you want to use the name typeahead within your custom code or in your other application then here is the way..
Name typeahead screens

PrerequisiteBelow are the prerequisite. IBM ConnectionsJQuery Library with autocomplete plugin(click here for more information on jquery autocomplete)This example is certified with jquery v1.9.1 and IBM Connections v4.0.

Gartner Calls Sharepoint an "Evolutionary Dead End" that "No One Likes Using"


As per the views of Jeffrey Mann, a Gartner analyst, Microsoft should soon do away with SharePoint and companies that are largely dependent on the platform should actually consider a more cloud-based future. The Gartner analyst also said that though a majority of the companies make use of SharePoint, they do not quite like it. SP is also less functional and less useful in many respects. Moreover, it does not facilitate smooth content migration and requires greater amount of online management.

With SharePoint being customized in most organizations, it also appears to be excessively big and complex. Certain businesses are also making use of older versions of this web application development platform. With regards to the question of whether to move to cloud or move out of it, Mann says that Microsoft should essentially move SP to the cloud by means of killing its current form.

The enterprise social networking platform, on the other hand, comes up as a ho…

New Release of the IBM Connections Mobile App

Yesterday IBM announced the update to the IBM Connections Mobile is now available in the app stores. 

The app provides a native set of collaboration capabilities so you can work seamlessly with your team, anytime, anywhere.  In this update you will find that you have a new hidden navigation which provides for more on screen real estate.  The new navigation also can be personalized based on the individuals needs and preferences,  so that you can organize the navigation based on what is most important to you.  

Some of the new capabilities include:

The Favorites section allows you to add content that is more relevant and important to you.  

You can rearrange your Apps or Updates section based on your preference or usage.  The personalization provides quick access to the apps that you need or use most often.

The History view allows you to scroll through all the items you has recently accessed and provides a quick and easy way to find information you have previously seen.  This history view is…