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IBM Pulse OGS Replay

The replay of the IBM Pulse 2014 OGS is now available for you to watch if you missed it live yesterday.  One of the key announcements from yesterdays OGS was the introduction of Codename: BlueMix.  The entire OGS is worth watching but if you are interested in the BlueMix announcement go to minute 38 in the video.


Social Connections VI venue and dates announced! Register now!

Social Connections has certainly spread its wings over the past 2.5 years… So, where next for the IBM Connections and Social Business user group?
Here’s some clues:
Prague Skyline
Prague bridges
Prague - Charles Bridge at night
Yes, that’s right, Social Connections is headed for the beautiful and historic city of Prague in the Czech Republic!
What’s more, we’ll be bigger and better than ever… It will be our first ever two-day event, starting at 12pm on Monday 16th June and concluding our formal agenda at 6pm on Tuesday 17th June. This schedule is designed to allow those short of time to travel in on the Monday morning and out on the Tuesday evening if required. However, if one has more time to spare, then it would be easy to tack on a leisurely weekend stay too.
What won’t change is that we’ll be making sure that ‘Social’ is not just a buzzword, but is instead at the heart of all that we do. Once again, we’ll have a very special complementary reception for all attendees (this time on the Monday night), splendid catering, plenty of Czech beer on tap (including the original Budweiser!), speed-sponsoring and much more. The team is planning some exciting new networking opportunities too.
However, there will also be some awesome business and technical content too – this is a Social Business conference after all! The extra day means that we’ll have a series of fantastic keynotes and main tent sessions on the Monday afternoon, and then a full day’s multi-track agenda on Tuesday – featuring at least three rooms/tracks for business, technical and case study sessions. As usual, we want to keep the content varied and the energy high, so most sessions will be 30 minutes in length giving plenty of opportunity for great speakers to enthral you with their knowledge, passion and expertise.
So where in Prague will this take place? Out of town at some bland and faceless conference centre? No, we’ll be right in the historic old town area on the stunning Wenceslas Square plaza, at the Hotel Ambassador Zlata Husa, with the main sessions being held in the gorgeous art nouveau Congress Hall:
Hotel Ambassador - Congress Hall
It promises to be a truly amazing event, even if we do say so ourselves…
The cost to attend? €1,000? €500? No, due to the incredible support of our sponsors, the event will be free to attend! You just need to get yourself to Prague.
Space is limited, so you will want to register ASAP.
We are looking for additional sponsors and also for speakers.
So if you would like to submit an abstract for the event, please do so ASAP – the submission process closes on 30th March, with those sessions submitted before the end of February given best chance of being selected. We are particularly keen to see abstracts from first-time speakers, case studies from customers and thought-leading topics from analysts. However, all Social Business and IBM Connections-related abstracts will be considered!
As you can probably tell, the team are hugely excited to be announcing this event! We can’t wait to be in Prague, and hope that you’ll join us there too…


IBM Connections V4.5 IFR 2 includes Ephox EditLive! Enterprise Edition, an optional rich text editor

IBM® Connections is social software for business that provides an exceptional social platform that helps enable you to access the right people, and internal and external content in your professional networks and communities.
  • Engage instantly and in context to get business done by staying on top of relevant activity in your professional networks and communities
  • Act quickly and be responsive to customers by pivoting rapidly between internal and external communities
  • Create an ideal community experience and anticipate the needs of a community by monitoring social activity and participation
  • Increase personal and organizational effectiveness by creating, connecting, and sharing in one easy to use social experience
Ephox EditLive! Enterprise Edition, an optional rich text editor in IBM Connections V4.5 Interim Feature Release 2 (IFR2), allows you to:
  • Paste social media URLS to create interactive content in the editor
  • Track changes of content over time
  • Copy and paste images directly into the rich text editor
  • Perform accessibility checking
  • Perform broken link checking
  • Create and share document templates to provide your team with a consistent look
  • Perform spell checking
The following IBM Connections licenses include Ephox EditLive! Enterprise Edition:
  • IBM Connections V4.5 IFR2
  • IBM Connections Extranet V4.5 IFR2
  • IBM Connections V4.5 Intranet and Extranet IFR2
  • IBM Connections Extension from Notes® or Domino® with limited entitlement to Connections V4.5 IFR2
  • IBM Connections Extension from WebSphere® Portal with limited entitlement to Connections V4.5 IFR2

Further informations ( regarding to availability date, ... ) can be accessed on the offical IBM statement

IBM Redbooks now also available on iOS and Android

IBM released the next very helpful part for mobile devices => IBM Redbooks

The new IBM Redbooks mobile app provides on-the-go access to Redbooks publications, announcements, and social sites. Available for iOS and Android devices.

Introducing the Official IBM Redbooks Mobile App

More videos

For nearly 50 years, IBM Redbooks publications have provided trusted product positioning, expert guidance, and installation and implementation experiences. Responding to the evolving needs of our users, we now also offer materials that provide the "just in time" technical information users need to quickly understand offerings and to make effective decisions. From classic books and papers to new Solution Guides and Product Guides, Point-of-View publications, blogs, and videos, we provide what you need, when and where you need it, for end-to-end technical enablement. And now you can access all of this content in one mobile app on your iOS or Android devices.

Features of the app include:

Read thousands of Redbooks publications, from classic Redbooks to the latest Solution Guides, Product Guides, Redguides, and more

Find Redbooks publications by those most recently published or updated, most popular, subject area, or publication type

Search within publications and create bookmarks

Save your favorite publications and organize them in convenient, customizable folders

Share what you’re reading through Facebook, Twitter, and email

Get the latest news from Redbooks, including announcements and listings of new residencies and workshops

Connect with Redbooks through social channels, from Facebook to Twitter and more

Link to the latest Redbooks blog posts and videos


IBM on Mail Next: No One Else Offers Anything Like This

On CMS Wire a very interesting article was posted by Dom Nicastro regarding the presentation of IBM Mail Next on IBM Connect 2014:

Remember that email you sent asking someone to do something? Me either. Delegating tasks are great, but follow-through to ensure the tasks get done — in an electronic world — can be challenging.

Therein lies one of the major pain points IBM attempts to solve with its forthcoming email social business collaboration platform, Mail Next. 

"The most important problem is that of recall and prioritization," Kramer Reeves, director of product management with IBM Messaging and Collaboration Solutions, told CMSWire. "When an action comes in by email, how do we solve the problem of remembering who we assigned the action to or who we asked for help? Mail Next’s follow-up mechanisms solve this problem, using technology in place of memory, and allowing us to put our full focus on the work. The impact of this feature will be on management, executive assistants and really anybody who uses email."

Huge Response

Mail Next was all the rage at last week's IBM Connect 2014 conference in Orlando, Fla. The Armonk, N.Y.-based software and technology giant's announcement of Mail Next falls under its rebranding strategy of its mail, chat, meetings, office productivity and content capabilities, making them part of IBM’s Connections brand in 2014, IBM said in a release issued to CMSWire.

One comparison had Mail Next with the look and feel of Google Plus and its capabilities — an example of the ongoing convergence of enterprise social networks, email and other communications applications — next to Google's efforts with Google Plus/Gmail/Hangouts suite and Microsoft's with Office365 plus Yammer, SharePoint and Lync.

"IBM Connections Mail Next is a Trojan horse of sorts," said Larry Hawes, principal of Dow Brook Advisory Services in Ipswich, Mass. "Most people still do the majority of their work in email. As a result, many IBM customers have employees interacting with Connections through the Notes client. Mail Next acknowledges this and brings in even more Connections — and other IBM collaboration services — into a dashboard along with email."

Hawes predicted that the Mail Next dashboard will eventually be the default user interface for all IBM collaboration, messaging and content services. "IBM just can't position and sell it that way yet," Hawes added, "hence the emphasis on the email component." 

Anatomy of Mail Next 

So how does IBM itself see this offering? 

The evolution of Mail Next, IBM's Reeves said, is IBM's way of providing an app in the market that can "dramatically improve how customers and users process the actions that are conveyed by emails."

 Email, he said, is a vehicle for two main functions: information sharing and assignments. information management, IBM on Mail Next: Why No One in Enterprise Email Has This "If you take it one step further by prioritizing actions and work, that results in significant productivity gains," Reeves said. "At IBM, we have been considering this evolution for a number of years. We have recognized that email has not evolved in a way to empower how we prioritize mail, and therefore, work."

This vision began in January 2013, when IBM announced IBM Notes Social Edition.
"As social business adoption continued to grow," Reeves said, "we needed to upgrade mail with social business capabilities, and give mail users the ability to share with a wide audience, among other things." 

'Elegant Design'

So what does IBM feel is Mail Next's potential — outside of the follow-up tasks you've assigned some peers in emails?

The first is it solves ease of use and modernization, Reeves told CMSWire.
"IBM is modernizing and improving the user experience in a dramatic fashion through an elegant design that mirrors consumer apps," he said. "When mail is easy to use, people can focus on the work that really matters."

The second is new search capabilities that provide the backbone that allow users to easily find information in their inboxes and tackle that action immediately. 
information management, IBM on Mail Next: Why No One in Enterprise Email Has This

Any of this unique to the industry, we asked Reeves? "No other email system can help users focus attention, quickly find the most pertinent information and manage the actions represented in emails like Mail Next," he said. "The system has evolved to prioritize the most important work in an elegant design that allows users to work quickly and efficiently. No other system has integration points with powerful social business capabilities through Connections, where seamless linkage of actions can be managed more effectively between the social world that is evolving." 

How is Lotus Notes Impacted?

Asked whether Lotus Notes mail is still going to be a brand, Reeves called IBM's branding strategy in this case twofold. 

"We recognize that there is a need for a suite of capabilities to handle social business — that's why we are including Mail Next in Connections," Reeves said. "We also recognize that some customers will want Mail Next independently, and so we intend to market it as an individual offering as well." 

Reeves said pricing will be available upon general availability later this year.
On the whole, email is not dead, Reeves said when asked. "Absolutely not. Although, the way the world communicates is certainly changing," he added. "As we study social trends and demographics from users around the world, from various countries and companies, we see all kinds of e-communication vehicles being used. But, at this point, there is no e-communication vehicle that represents the kind of firm and secure system, as far as corporate governance, that companies demand."

IBM, Reeves said, sees the evolution of mail as a "representative point of change that the market is asking vendors to embrace." "For 20 years," Reeves added, "email has essentially remained the same — communication that arrives in chronological order that users must manually prioritize, preventing productive work from occurring. This is an opportunity for the market, at the same time that social business is becoming a mandate around the world." 

Traveler Integration

Hawes, who attended the IBM Connect, said IBM plans to integrate Connections with Notes Traveler this year. It currently is not. "So Traveler is morphing to become the mobile dashboard for IBM collaboration, messaging and content services, just as Mail Next is doing on the desktop," Hawes said. "… Email isn't going away in organizations. For now, IBM will acknowledge that and position email clients — Mail Next and Notes Traveler — as integration points for all the other services that are being rebranded with the Connections name. Eventually, the emphasis on email will diminish and social, real-time communication capabilities will have more focus in the user experience of these dashboards."
Hawes sees this already happening from a branding perspective.

"Notice that 'Notes' has been dropped from the IBM Connections Mail Next offering name," he said. "I anticipate that Notes Traveler will similarly become 'IBM Connections Traveler,' or perhaps just 'IBM Traveler.'" 

Title image by Mark LaMoyne (Shutterstock).


Google Maps Widget for IBM Connections Profiles

Today Klaus Bild posted this very interesting article on his blog:

We showed an example of a Google Maps Widget in our IBM Connect session in Orlando and we promised to publish the code on our blogs, so here we go.
First of all this image shows you how the widget works, the profile values for “Building” and “Office” are the full address which is shown on the Google map:

Look at slide 129 in our presentation (Slideshare link) where you have to place the googleMap.xml file and how you can add it to the IBM Connections Profiles. And this is how googleMap.xml should look like:
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<iw:iwidget name=”googleMap” xmlns:iw=”” iScope=”GoogleMap” supportedModes=”view”>
<iw:content mode=”view”>
<div id="customMap">Will be replaced by iFrame</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
var widgetId = "_" + this.iContext.widgetId + "_";
var attributesItemSet = this.iContext.getiWidgetAttributes();
var displayedUserKey = attributesItemSet.getItemValue("profileDisplayedUserKey");
url : "/profiles/atom/" + displayedUserKey,
handleAs : "xml",
load : function(xml, ioargs) {
var city = atomGetNodeValue(xml, "x-building");
var street = atomGetNodeValue(xml, "x-office-number");
dojo.byId("customMap").innerHTML = "<iframe scrolling=\"auto\" width=\"100%\" height=\"300px\" frameborder=\"0\" src=\";source=s_q&amp;q=" + street + ", " + city + ";z=5&amp;t=m&amp;output=embed&iwloc=near\"></iframe>";
error : function(error, ioargs) { console.log("error retrieving profile: " + error); }
// iterate DOM to find the <span> element with the requested class attribute
function atomGetNodeValue(xml, className) {
var nodeList = xml.getElementsByTagName("span");
for ( var i = 0; i < nodeList.length; i++) {
var element = nodeList.item(i);
if (element.getAttribute("class") == className) {
return (element.firstChild != null ? element.firstChild.nodeValue : "");
And never forget:

 Thanks, Klaus !!!


IBM Domino / iNotes 9.0.1 IF2 available

Today IBM released a new Interim Fix for IBM Domino and iNotes including the following fixes:

Fix List 

Fix introduced 
in release
KLYH9F4S2ZIBM Domino IMAP Server Denial of Service Vulnerability - CVE-2014-0822 (technote 1663023)
9.0.1 IF2
Download Information 
Interim Fix 2 for Domino & iNotes 9.0.1 (released 05 February 2014)
Fix Central ID
File name & Download link
IBMi 6.1 & 7.1

For iNotes clients:

 dwa9W. cab should be placed in <Domino data directory>\domino\html
Forms9.nsf should be placed in <Domino data directory>\iNotes


Renewing Domino SSL Certificate

Thanks to Paul Farris for posting this article how to renew a self signed on a Domino Web Server:

  • Copy .kyr and .sth from Server data folder to local Workstation
  • Open Certsrv.nsf (Server Certificate Admin) on Server from Notes Client (not Administrator)
  • Go to View Certificate Request Log
  • Select Key Ring to Display
  • Enter path to copied local kyr file
  • Enter Password
  • Select "Create Key Ring & Certificates"
  • Select "Create Certificate Request"
  • Copy CSR text
  • Email your CSR to your SSL Certificate supplier
  • When CSR returned then copy the text
  • Back in Notes Client select "Install Certificate into Key Ring"
  • Paste in certificate text
  • Press "Merge Certificate into Key Ring" button
  • Copy .kyr from local to Server Data directory
  • Restart web server with "tell http restart"

IBM Branding Insights


I received a few notes and pings on our announcements last week, and one of the most popular comments was on the branding changes to some of our social business capabilities.   I wanted to take a few minutes to provide clarity on what we announced and what it means to the market.

The primary change is to include the key social business capabilities under one brand, IBM Connections.   This change will provide clear direction to customers who are interested in buying a suite of capabilities from IBM.

The key capabilities of the Connections family would include:
  • IBM Connections (including files, profiles, activities, wikis, forums, etc)
  • IBM Connections Docs
  • IBM Connections Chat
  • IBM Connections Meetings
  • IBM Connections Mail (including mail, calendar, contacts, etc)
  • IBM Connections Content Manager
  • and more

There are also archiving and compliance offerings, along with application development tool kits that are key parts to the story.

All of these capabilities work together today and the branding changes do a better job of highlighting the interoperability of each as part of a broader family.   IBM Notes & Domino will not be re-branded as part of this announcement but would be re-branded as IBM Mail Next comes to market.   That is, IBM is considering two packaging options for IBM Mail Next:
  1. As a part of the Connections family, where IBM Mail Next would likely be branded as IBM Connections Mail, replacing the current mail app in Connections.
  2. Stand alone - Where IBM Mail Next would likely be available as a stand-alone messaging offering. 

Of note, IBM Mail Next will be based on the IBM Domino server.

Overall, these branding changes will be phased in as new services are made available in the cloud and as new releases are made available on-premises for each of the respective offerings, above.

Hope that helps provide clarity.