Disable Recent Contacts on Notes R 8.x

To disable the "Recent Contacts" feature in Lotus Notes R8.x you have the following options inside your NOTES.INI:

Ignore only Sender's name from emails I receive: DisableDPABCCandToprocessing=1
Ignore only the 'To' recipient names from emails I send & recieve: DisableDPABCCprocessing=1 

Ignore only names from e-mails I send:

Q. How do you turn off type-ahead? 

A. To do this, use these steps: 

1. Select File > Preferences, and click on the Basic Notes Client Configuration section.  2. Check the option “Disable type-ahead for all name fields and use the Notes Basic type-ahead.” 
    To do this for all users, use the Notes.ini $DISABLE_TYPEDOWN=1. 

And of course you can publish these settings via the Desktop Policy Document to all your users.


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