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IBM Redbooks also available in EPUB format

IBM has released a lot of the famous redbooks in ePUB format and as PDF. Here you can search for the
needed information.

Thanks to IBM

IBM Notes 9.0.1 and IBM Domino 9.0.1 are now available for download

Today IBM released IBM Notes/Domino 9.0.1 including Notes Traveler 9.0.1.

The fixes included in this release are listed here. Currently only the english version
is available for download.

In IBM Domino 9.0.1 there´s also a new ODS format available - thanks a lot to
eknori for publishing this post, which can be accessed here:

Abstract from the blog entry from eknori:

The real solution is in 9.01 and requires that databases be upgraded to ODS52. Once a database is upgraded to ODS52, any database object can reside anywhere in the database (with the same boundary restrictions prior to the 9.0/8.53fp5 change).
Once a Notes Client or Domino Server has been upgraded to 9.0.1, set CREATE_R9_DATABASES=1 in and the next copy style compact of the database will upgrade the database to ODS52 and the encrypted databases will no longer be exposed to this very rare corruption.

The following new features are in…

Announcing IBM Connections Suite 4.5.1 - It keeps getting sweeter!

Source: Luis Benitez

On his blog Luis Benitez mentions all the new staff coming in IBM Connections Suite V4.5.1

What’s new for Developers in IBM Domino & Domino Designer 9.0.1

On November 6th at 10:00 AM EST we’ll host another Social Business Toolkit webinar. Peter Janzen, Martin Donelly, Padraic Edwards and Tony McGuckin will present the new features for developers in IBM Domino and Domino Designer 9.0.1.

Peter Janzen, IBM, XPages Product Manager Martin Donnelly, IBM, XPages Architect Padraic Edwards, IBM, XPages Developer Tony McGuckin, IBM, XPages Developer Building on top of the 9.0 release earlier this year, 9.0.1 not only improves quality and stability but also includes new capabilities for developers. Come and hear about new features for building mobile web applications with XPages. You’ll also hear about various platform upgrades which benefit applications, new REST services and enhancements for building social business applications.

Attendance is free and no registration is required. 

You can attend the webinars by simply joining the following IBM SmartCloud meeting. The e-meeting supports audio broadcasting. In order to speak you need to dial i…

Open Mic Webcast: External elements that can negatively impact your IBM Domino server

Yesterday there has been an OpenMic Webcast about how external elements can impact an IBM Domino Server.

The recording of the Webcast and the presentation can be accessed here

Migrating from Sametime 8.5.2x

A new entry in the IBM Sametime Wiki was posted on October 21st, where the exact path for migrating an existing IBM Sametime 8.5.2x environment to IBM Sametime 9.x is described.

Thanks a lot for this great updgrade guide.

IBM Connections Suite V4.5.1 now incorporates IBM Sametime V9.0 to meet your social business needs

IBM published  new informations about new features of IBM Connections 4.5.1.

An abstract about new features:

IBM Connections Suite is now further enhanced by adding IBM Sametime® Complete V9.0 and IBM Connections V4.5 Interim Feature Release 1 (IFR 1)

IBM Connections V4.5 IFR 1 includes entitlement to IBM Forms Experience Builder V8.5 so you can use Community Surveys feature

Take a look on the full version here

Installing interim fix for IBM Domino not possible

Sometimes there´s a problem by trying to install an interim fix for IBM Domino where the error message "Lotus Notes/Domino of a Notes/Domino related process is still running. Please close it before pressing OK to continue" is displayed.

Multiple checks of the processes, some restarts of the complete server did not solve this issue.

After stopping the service "Windows Management Instrumentation" the installation of the interim fix could be completed successfully.

Open Mic Webcast: Archiving and recovering Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS)-enabled databases

On October 16th there has been a webcast regarding the mentioned subject.

You can download the presentation of this very interesting webcast here

IBM Domino 9.0 IF5 available for download

Today IBM released the next interfim fix for IBM Domino 9.0. More informations and the download links are available here

This Interim Fix addresses the following SPRs:

SPRDescriptionDMNI9AKAGKHTTP crash in NItem::SetValueFromBrowser when calling Cstricmp with a NULL pointer (technote 1648803)CSCT962QBGdbmt -force requires exact case and directory delimiterJPAI965RZMCompacting of DBMT in Cluster will only do certain databases unless -force N specifiedJPAI8Y6VJFNONSUMMARY data getting stomped causing corruption in medium and high encrypted databasesVPRS8TWTSEServer Crashed With: Lockmemhandle() Handle 0x30313132 Is Not A Valid Memhandle (technote 1596387)CCLI9AMA82iNotes workload CPU regress around 10% against V901_08082013 build

A look at some Microsoft Windows 8.1 highlights

At, Mark Kaelin posted some highlights of Windows 8.1, which has been released on October 17th.

Here you can read the article.

Thanks to Mark.

Open Mic Webcast: What's new in Policies for Domino 9.0

IBM hosted an Open Mic webcast with members of the IBM Domino Support team on September 18, 2013. The topic was " What's new in Policies for IBM Domino 9."

Attendees were given an opportunity to ask a panel of experts some questions. The call was recorded and slides were made available.

Follow highlights from these Open Mics live on Twitter using #ICSOpenMic or following us on Twitter @IBM_ICSsupport. 

You can download the presentation and the audio recording here

IBM Notes Traveler IF2 available

Yesterday IBM released the new IF2 for the Notes Traveler including the following fixes:

APAR # Component Abstract LO76786 Server Server may crash processing HTML content for special document types such as Phone Message. LO76871 Server Attachment may not sync if name contains symbols such as percent sign. LO76877 Server User preference for save sent mail may not be honored when send from Mobile device. LO76944ServerServer may not start if Java API reports IP address not reachable.LO76965 Server BB10: Forward attachment may corrupt attachment name if special characters. LO77066 Server Duplicate plain text reply notice received if one of the recipients has special characters in the name. LO77101ServerNative memory leak streaming attachments may lead to server performance degradation.LO77108AndroidSometimes not able to edit linked contact on Android device.LO77114AndroidSurface certain MDM APIs for MDM provider usage.LO77158ServerPotential slow Java memory growth on long running server.LO7160Serve…

Can the auto-convert back to Notes address be disabled when sending a message to an internet address?

Can the auto-convert back to Notes address be disabled when sending a message to an internet address?

Resolving the problem: 

This can be disabled by adding the following ini parameter to the Notes client’s notes.ini:


When sending a message to an internet address, this parameter will prevent Lotus Notes from converting back to a Notes formatted address if found in an address book.

IBM Connections 4.5 CR2 Installation - From Zero to Hero

Frank Altenburg was so kind to document a complete installation of IBM Connections 4.5 including CR2 with Domino LDAP.

Here you can download this documentation.

Thanks a lot to Frank for sharing his knowledge !!!

Sametime 9 Video – More than just pretty face

In this article on the Sametime Blog, the new Sametime 9 feature of the VMCU ( Video Multipoint Control Unit " is well described:

So, now that I’ve admitted to becoming a video convert -  my team  seems to think I’m ready to become a regular blogger……   Next thing you know, they’ll be expecting me to be tweeting hourly!   We’ll see – maybe a video blog entry is the next logical step.  No time like the present to jump on the social bandwagon! Last week, I shared some of my personal experiences and the value I realized from using Sametime 9 video.  I thought this week, I would take a few minutes to pop the hood and give you a look at the engine. The awesome video experience you’ve heard so much about is due to the addition of two new server components and the introduction of a new media framework in our clients.   Sametime 9 AV is based on the H.264 SVC technology. SVC stands for Scalable Video Coding, which enables efficient encoding of video that can be realized at dif…

Making the Move to IBM Connections 4.5 and IBM Connections Content Manager

IBM published the Redbook on September 30th with the following content:
IBM Connections Content Manager Preparing for the migration Performing the migration Integrating with existing FileNet Content Manager instances Using the Quickr Document Library migration tools Content administration  The Redbook is available here

Open Mic Webcast: Troubleshooting Duplicate Mail Messages in IBM Notes

On July 24th there has been a webcast where there have been some tips and tricks for demystifying the "duplicate mail messages". Here´s the link to the webcast

The document from the webcast can be downloaded here

News about IBM Collaboration Solutions

On this page you can find really helpful informations about IBM Collaboration Solutions
in one place.

Compact order, nice UI

IBM File Viewer for IBM Connections

IBM File Viewer provides a high-fidelity viewer for IBM Connections files and community files in the web user interface.

You can view files directly within the IBM Connections Files and Communities  applications. Supported Open Document files include word processing documents (.odt), spreadsheets (.ods), and presentations (.odp). You can also view Adobe PDF and the Microsoft™ equivalents of these file types – Word (.doc and .docx), Excel (.xls and .xlsx), PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx).

By viewing an uploaded file from within IBM Connections, you can see the file contents without having to download the file. You can also navigate within the file, zoom, go to specific pages, play a slide show, print and more.

The IBM File Viewer supports IBM Connections 4.5, 4.5 CR1, 4.5 CR2. For all of the system requirements, please see this support page. For additional details about installing and using this viewer, please see the wiki documentation.
The download is available in the Greenhouse Appl…

Lotus Notes Basic View with Standard Client

If you´re opening one of your PIM applications ( Mail, Calendar or Contacts ) with your Lotus Notes Standard Client, it looks very different to the Lotus Notes Basic Client.
For administrators or people, who are supporting persons with the Lotus Notes Basic Client, but having installed the Standard Client, there's a possibility to display the PIM application in the "Basic Look and Feel":
On Windows:STRG + ALT + Click on the PIM application
On Mac:ALT + CMD + Click on the PIM application

All-in-one Admin Tool for agent-based troubleshooting & problem solving

This technote contains an all-in-one Admin Tool that consists of a collection of tools that IBM Support provides in various technotes and wiki articles. These technotes usually require an Administrator to create agents to troubleshoot or workaround various issues. This goal of this tool is to eliminate those steps in favor of guided options to perform the required tasks.
Tools & functionality
This section lists each tool and their functionality.

1.Remove Profiles ToolTool to present a selectable list of profile documents for removal from a database. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use this tool to remove the OOO profile.For more information about this tool, see the "Additional Information" section below.2.Out of Office Diagnostic ToolTroubleshoot issues with Out of Office functionality. Technote #1296389 - How to use the Out Of Office (OOO) diagnostic tool3.Prohibit Design Element ToolPresents design elements that have the prohibit flag enabled with the option to remove the flag. (S…

How to recreate the busytime.nsf and clubusy.nsf databases on a Domino server

The free time system in IBM® Lotus® Notes/Lotus Domino® Calendaring & Scheduling is designed to be maintenance free. In rare cases, it may be necessary for a Domino administrator to recreate the free time database (busytime.nsf) to resolve free time issues. This document provides the steps to recreate busytime.nsf or clubusy.nsf (clustered free time database). Important Note: It is highly recommended that administrators first follow the troubleshooting steps in Document #1141060, "Notes calendar free time displays the wrong information", before attempting to recreate the busytime database.

AnswerRecreation of the free time database should be conducted during off hours. In some environments, this process can take several hours to complete and during the process, free time lookups will not work for anyone.

How to recreate busytime.nsf:
Busytime.nsf is the free time database on a non-clustered server. To rename the busytime.nsf file, do the following:

1. If possible, map a driv…

Shutdown/Restart Lotus Domino Server via Program Document

Create a Program document in the server's Domino directory:

1. Open the Domino directory 2. Select the Server view 3. Select Programs view 4. Click Add Program 5. Under the Basics tab and in the field Program name enter: nserver (for iSeries, enter server) 6. In the Command line enter:     -c "quit" ( for ending the Lotus Domino Server ) -c "restart server" ( for restarting the Lotus Domino Server ) 7. Fill in the Server to run on field and also set a schedule under the Schedule tab. The server does not need to be rebooted for this Program document to take effect

Caution: If your server requires a password at start up, the server will shut down and restart, but will sit and wait for the password to be manually entered.

Disable Recent Contacts on Notes R 8.x

To disable the "Recent Contacts" feature in Lotus Notes R8.x you have the following options inside your NOTES.INI:
Ignore only Sender's name from emails I receive: DisableDPABCCandToprocessing=1 Ignore only the 'To' recipient names from emails I send & recieve: DisableDPABCCprocessing=1

Ignore only names from e-mails I send:

Q. How do you turn off type-ahead?

A. To do this, use these steps: 

1. Select File > Preferences, and click on the Basic Notes Client Configuration section.  2. Check the option “Disable type-ahead for all name fields and use the Notes Basic type-ahead.” 
    To do this for all users, use the Notes.ini $DISABLE_TYPEDOWN=1. 

And of course you can publish these settings via the Desktop Policy Document to all your users.

Is there a way to restict mail forwarding rules to external addresses?

Great thank to Matt Buchanan for this great hint !!!


First up, set the user forward rule return path to construct non-deliverable return addresses - if you're running 8.5, you can do this via the configuration document (the field is just below the one that disables mail rule forwarding). If you're pre-8.5, then you need to set the following parameter in the notes.ini: RouterUserRuleForwardReversePath=3 What that does is prepends the outgoing e-mail address with 'nobounce' (so, in your example, it'd be Next, create a mail rule in your configuration document. If you have designated servers that deal with all internet e-mail, the rule should only need to be created on those servers. Set the criteria to: When sender contains nobounce
AND any Recipient contains @
AND any Recipient contains . That *should* limit the rule to messages sent to internet addre…

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